Helping Sioux Falls fight the spread of COVID-19 by providing a free professional jewelry sterylizing service. 

What types of jewelry will you take?

  • ​Watches (place in separate bag)
  • ​Wedding and Engagement Rings
  • ​Earrings
  • ​Bracelets
  • ​Necklaces
  • ​Pendants

Our Service to You:

What We Need:

  • Pick up at your home: With social distancing and risk of COVID spread, we realize many cannot leave their homes and will be servicing pick up and delivery of items straight to your home
  • Any type of Jewelry: We specialize in fine jewelry, but are cleaning all types!
  • Professional Grade Cleaning: The process begins with sterilizing the ziploc bag first, then the contents, followed by and in-house close inspection and a complete and thorough cleaning. 

What We Need:

  • ​Your pieces in a ZIPLOC BAG: For safety and sanitation during the COVID crisis, please have your pieces secured in a ziploc bag when we pick up.
  • ​Bag Watches Separately: Being an electronic device cleaning a watch requires a separate sanitization process. 
  • A Day That Works: Pickup days are T-TH from 8:30AM-NOON

Who We Are

"Wait, who is going to be taking my jewelry and running off with it?"

Thomas and Kasia Faini

Thomas James Faini, Owner of Thomas James and  Bechtold Jewelry, has over 40 years of Jewlery design creation and repair experience, and comes from a long tradition of Jewelry creation, dating back a long time. 

His beginnings start with his Father Larry, who started in 1950, doing work for the Bechtold family, all of those years. His reputation for exquisite and award wining pieces are well renowned. He has taught 
many others as well, and surrounds himself with an expert team  that has trained under him, and adds their talents into the mix, making Thomas James and Bechtold Jewlery the premier jewelry experts in the area. 

He credits his success to his natural father, and our Father in Heaven who he gives all the glory, as 
the Supreme artist.

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Why are we doing this?

Every day, women reach out to me when I share my struggle with battling my way back to fitness while being a mom.

Funny enough, when I talk about the little things that embarrass me the most (like peeing my pants when I work out), I would get a flood of women saying "OMG, Natalie! Me too!"

The problem is we all were experiencing and sharing the same struggle but nobody was comfortable talking about it out loud.

Even worse there really wasn't a path to recovery that was easily laid out for us to follow. And this problem was affecting so many of us! It blew my mind that nobody was really stepping up to make a change!

You see, abdominal weakness, separation, and pelvic floor dysfunction is common and it is easy to overlook for new moms.

A recent study indicated that 32.6 percent of women had Diastasis Recti 12 months after delivery.

Women often face many new things ALL AT ONCE

Fatigue, abdominal pain, pelvic pain/weakness, schedule concerns, changes in hormonal environment, social pressure, and ambiguous recovery recommendations.

Because women are so resourceful, we often go online to find information and motivation that we need to recover, increase body strength, increase endurance, and manage body weight. We noticed that much of the information that is available either costs a fortune, is simply inaccurate, or provides a list of recommendations without an opportunity for exchange of knowledge, motivation, and support.

In an effort to regain the body we had before delivery, we can get sucked into challenges like “500 Sit-Ups a Day,” “100 Squats every day for a month,” unhealthy nutrition patterns, or running challenges post-pregnancy. Depending on your level of fitness (largely strength and support), delivery timeline, and previous exercise, these types of exercises may cause more harm than good.
Doesn’t everyone pee their pants during high-pressure activities like bouncing, jumping, and sneezing? That is a common mindset with women who have had children. Just because it is common, does not mean it is healthy, and this is something that can be treated effectively.

One in four women have symptoms of pelvic floor disorders.

That is 25 percent of ALL women in the United States. There is a large group of women that have a shared or similar experience with abdominal and pelvic muscle weakness (especially after childbirth.)

So, Monique and I set out on A MISSION: To help as many women as possible, that experience these issues, find a path to restoring their body function back to what it was BEFORE they had children...

And that's when this program born!

I reached out to my good friend Monique and said, "We have to do this."

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   So this is really free?
No cost whatsoever! This is a community service.
  •   Is my jewelry secure?
We are fully and specifically insured to do this by Jewelers  Mutual.
  •   How long will it take?
Typically 1 to 3 business days (depending on workload, and  if there are any watches or difficult cleaning items)
  •   How many items can I send at a time?
You can send as many items as you want, just list them on the  the form.
  •   Do you clean watches?
Yes we can clean the watch bands, and the outside of the  cases. However, we will not dip watch cases into solutions, so it is advised that you simply do not wear them to be perfectly safe.
  •   Do you clean costume jewelry?
Yes we can clean custume jewelry. We give a pre- inspection,  and if we feel there is a possibility of damage, we will disinfect, and communicate with you, to let you know further cleaning would not be advised.
  •   Can I drop it off?
Drop off’s can be done, however, we are limiting the number  of people in our facility according to the guidelines, so a pick up may be a better option. Call ahead. We still ask that you bring jewelry in a zip-lock bag, so we can maintain our safe handling 
  •   When will you pick it up?
We will make pick-ups mostly in the morning, and focus on  drop offs in the afternoon.
  •   What are the hours?
Pick-ups will be done between 8:30 am and 12:00pm,  Tuesday through Friday, drop off will be between 2:00pm to 5:00 pm in the evening, Tuesday through Friday. We will extend if the load warrants.
  •   How often can we have cleaned again?
We ask that client’s not repeat their jewelry cleaning more  than once per every 2 weeks.
  •   What can I do to keep my jewelry clean?
We have cleaning products available, but there is a limit. You  can redisinfect with rubbing or de-natured alcohol. Once your 
jewelry has been cleaned from the dirt that can absorb and  contain virus, this would be a way to help prevent any further 
virus from adhering. After a thorough cleaning, mild dawn  detergent diluted with water, and a soft brush can clean and 
follow with rubbing alcohol, then wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  •   What if any repairs are advise when you inspect?
We will professionally inspect for loose stones, worn prongs,  worn shanks, galleries, and any breaks or weak areas. If we find any we will let you know, and ask if you want an estimate to repair, or just return to you so you may take to your jeweler when time permits. Again the whole process is at no charge. No charge for the disinfecting, professional inspecting, or even estimating.

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